Many years ago, graduating from design school and stepping foot into the word of “work”, I really didn’t know what I was doing. I took it one step at a time and wished someone was there to help. Back then I started as a way to connect students and interns to established architects and other professionals. However, it was a daunting task trying to manage this, while trying to work at the same time. Unfortunately, I had to put this on pause.

Over the years, I keep getting letters from design students and others with questions regarding initial steps out of school and help with resumes and interviews. Along the way, there have been discourses regarding the different design firms and why one is better suited over another for each individual. More and more, I felt that I needed to revive DesignDialogue. So here we are.

DesignDialogue is trying to bridge that gap and help where we can. Connecting students, interns, architects, and contractors. We want to create a network of peers who can answer questions and shed some light on design and construction.

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